Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Butter and Cream

While I was waiting for my friends the other night to go out for dinner, I was walking around Shoppers and unsurprisingly picked up a few things because being a sucker to bright red sale tags, I could not resist the devilish temptation. And I think I might be going back to get that damn Physicians Formula Gel Eyeliner trio just cause out of all trios, I picked up THE one set that was not part of the $9.99 sale =_= so I immediately returned it before I left. sigh. Anywho, I finally jumped onto the Revlon Lip Butter bandwagon, hooray! :P I also realized a few days ago that I had lost my awesome Maybelline eyeliner (here) so I needed to buy another one. Unfortunately, the Master Drama eyeliner was expensive and not on sale, so when I saw this pack of Physicians Formula eyeliner trio for only $9.99 I immediately took advantage of the sale and decided to give it a try. :)

These Revlon lip butters are SO soft and creamy that I'm actually not quite used to the formula (yet). They do go on like a dream, but swatching them on my hand felt like I was doing something dangerous LOL. I was scared that I'd break them but thankfully, I didn't. :P Strawberry Shortcake to me, is like a "my lips but better" colour but more pink than red and it's a flattering pink upon my Asian skin tone. On the other hand, Gumdrop not so much. I really wanted to like this sheer lilac color because it's so pretty! But I'm not one of those girls who could pull it off because of the blue/cooler undertone clashing against my pigmented lips and asian skin tone :( sigh. I should've known better, but I couldn't resist it! I think I'll try to wear this over a lip liner and see if it'll work better on me *cross fingers*.

I apologize that my lip swatches look relatively similar but they're more distinguishable in real life. Also, Gumdrop is quite sheer, so my naturally pigmented lips are showing through and the red/pinkness is picked up on my camera - my hand swatch is more universally accurate! :P

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio (super long name! lol)

These Physicians Formula eyeliners have amazing lasting power! I'm super impressed! The longevity kind of reminds me of the Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner, too bad I lost it otherwise I'd do a comparison. These eyeliners also go on really smooth and creamy. But as always....there's always a con to a product and for this - it'd be lack of pigmentation and particularly the black eyeliner. Which is ironic and a shame because that's what I was going after. The pink eyeliner in this trio is actually more purple than pink, which isn't a big deal to me but just a warning if you were looking forward to that colour.

Who cares if this set is for hazel eyes? I still got it! Hahaha :P

There are no smudging what-so-ever for these eyeliners - even if you tried rubbing quite vigorously and it also takes a lot of effort to make the colour fade. Under the waterproof test, these eyeliners don't like to budge at all! It's only until you rub your skin so hard that it turns red afterwards will you get it removed! So...makeup remover is recommended haha. I also had these on my lower lash line for ~6 hrs and there was no downward transfer either. So all in all, I don't know about the 24hr resist wear claim (cause I would never have makeup on for that long) but these sweet babes do really last an incredibly long time!

So the overall summary goes like this....

The Pros:
- super longevity
- cute metallic packaging
- retractable pencil and comes with a sharpener (although, I don't think it's all that necessary cause it IS retractable afterall)
- good range of colours 
- catch a sale and these eyeliners are super cheap!

The Cons:
- not as pigmented as I would like (the black is the major disappointment, other colours are okay)
- regular price is quite expensive

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 
**if the black was the slightest bit more pigmented, I'd give this a full on 10


  1. OMG I AM GOING TO GET THE PF EYELINER FOR SURE!! I saw them on sale the other day but hesitated to get it because I don't know how good they are....but now I will go get them since you said it works!

    1. haha i hesitated too but then I thought...heck it's only $10 for 3 eyeliners - not much too lose! Plus, you can always return it if you read the reviews and it turns out to be horrible :P Anyways GO GO GO!!~~~ HAHA ^o^; Let me know which set you got afterwards!

  2. I've not heard about the PF eyeliners, they sound promising even though the black wasn't as pigmented as it could be. I have both those Lip Butters and I have to say Strawberry Shortcake is definitely easier to wear. It's not a bad pink for us Asians :) I really like Gumdrop though, even if it might not be super flattering. I think it's one of those shades that are a bit more "fashion", so you need to think about the rest of your makeup to really coordinate the look and make the lip colour work. But I really like the fact it's quite a unique shade, like a pastel lilac. It's fun to wear even if it might not look the best :p

    1. You should definitely take a look at PF eyeliners, not just these retractable ones but I've heard that their gel eyeliners are really good as well! Yeah, Gumdrop is a fun colour to play around with I still really like it but I just gotta work with it a little more. :P

  3. I love the lip color, they look great! The Strawberry SHortcake is really cute


    1. Yeah, strawberry shortcake is definitely making its way to one of my favourite pink lipsticks! :)